About Us


The key task of the Georgian-American School is to offer its students a modern and standards-based curriculum, which is tailored to the requirements of Georgian national curriculum.

The priorities of the Georgian-American School involve the intensified and comprehensive teaching of the English language and mathematics. Our school offers several different curricula.

  • Small groups – 12-14 students per class;
  • Preparation of lessons in a class;
  • Guaranteed quality of high-technology learning process that rules out the necessity of additional training;
  • Teaching under the program of the United States Mathematics Honor Society (MU ALPHA THETA);
  • The Cambridge exams in English organized by the British Council;

The Georgian-American School provides training of students for testing and passing exams by them in the British Council. By the end of the year, students will receive language certificates. Such certificates are compulsory for the students to move to the next class.  

  • Summer exchange programs in the United States, Great Britain and Malta;
  • Club activities;
  • English and Russian lessons from the 1st class;
  • Additional German or French lessons from the 6th class;
  • Art and sport groups;
  • Swimming;
  • Two meals a day;
  • The school has a pediatrician, speech-language pathologist and psychologist;
  • Students will be provided with one set of school uniforms;
  • At will, students will be provided with safe transportation;
  • School timetable – 09:00 – 17:00

For additional information, please, contact the school administration.