Education program

Georgian-American School’s educational programs strive to achieve the school’s mission statement.

Each educational program considers the students’ needs, proper educational resources and educational strategies to motivate students and create a positive learning atmosphere.



Subjective group

Educational Aims


Georgian Language

 Georgian language program helps students to develop communication skills  (writing, reading, listening, speaking) in their native, Georgian language. They will learn to express themselves and describe, analyze, and evaluate literary works; express their opinions in logically; and develop the ability to appreciate and create different types of texts on a wide variety of topics; raise the student’s awareness of their literary heritage; and develop their written and verbal language skills.


Georgian Language and literature




Mathematics will develop students’ analytical, logical, systemic and symbolic thinking skills; research skills; and real-life problem solving skills.



Foreign languages

Students will develop the ability to communicate in foreign languages, using both verbal and written language in order to successfully continue their education both in Georgian or foreign higher educational institutions; gain a better understanding in America, Briton, and other English-speaking countries; gain an understanding of the current political structure of English speaking countries; compare and contrast foreign cultures with their own.

 First foreign language –

English language


Second foreign language-

Russian language


Social Science

Social science aims to facilitate the development active, informed and responsible citizens, who will understand not only his/her native surroundings – striving to improve them – and define his/her country’s place in the world’s history and geography, but also, through a firm grasp of patriotic, humanitarian, and civic values and foreign language – manage to integrate his/her country’s culture into the world.



Civil defense and safety serves to introduce students to America’s democracy. It will develop an intrinsic respect towards dignity, freedom and equality; develop the country’s love and facilitate the development of civic values. The student will learn the importance of respecting of people’s rights, the obligations that each citizen has towards his or her society; compare and contrast the civic values and government systems of countries throughout the world; and gain a better understanding of modern American society.

Georgian History and Geography




Civil Defense and Safety


Traffic Rules and Safety


Physical sciences

The physical sciences help students to gain a basic understanding of the natural process of the world and develop research skills and abilities that will give students the opportunity to explore and make sense of their universe; develop student interest in science and the world around them; develop students responsibilities, not only for themselves, but also society and the environment; and allow them to express their opinions about the world’s natural processes.

General Science

Earth Science






The aim of teaching technologies to students is to rise the level of computer literacy, to help them master specific program related to a variety of different fields and to give them the confidence to use these programs not only in school, but in real-life situations. Additionally, students will learn to use technology to help them   communicate with people around the world, using one of the many foreign languages taught here.

Information Technologies (IST)


Fine Arts

The fine arts program aims develop students’ ability to appreciate, analyze, and create works of arts, visual or otherwise; to help students to understand the universal language of the art and share their opinions of art through use of foreign languages as defined with school educational plan.

Fine Arts





Students have the opportunity to be involved in physical activities that help students to develop their physical skills and abilities and to help them understand the principles of living a healthy life style.



Sport dances