School subject departments are structural units of the Georgian-American School, which have the following goals and tasks:

Effective selection of educational resources;

Collection and storage of documents by each teacher on final tasks performed by classes; these documents should involve: standard result/results, which had to be assessed by a concrete final task; criteria used to assess these tasks;

Several samples of the work done by students and assessed by teachers or visual materials reflecting the work done;

Points received by the students of each class;

Teachers’ professional development and organizing lectures, seminars, conferences and other events;

Effective planning and implementation of research activities;

Monitoring and assessment of teachers’ activities;

Promoting mutual cooperation between teachers;

Development of internal and external partner relations (relations with subject departments of various schools for the purpose of exchanging experience, etc.);

Coordination of subject groups, promoting the search of additional resources (for example: professional textbooks, basic/supplementary literature for the library, etc.);

Promoting the development of writing, reading, speaking and critical thinking skills among the students;

Planning of educational activities for the purpose of increasing student motivation: presentations, internal and external/international competitions, Olympiads, conferences, target tours;

  • Department of Primary education
  • Department of Georgian Language and Literature
  • Department of Natural Sciences
  • Department of Exact Sciences
  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • Department of Sport Aesthetics and Patriotic Education